CGC believes that to adequately serve individuals and communities we must approach the needs with a holistic methodology. Our philosophical framework is adapted from psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, which describes the essential areas of influence on human development. We have created services to impact these areas to better shape the child and their environment.

Ecological Systems Theory:

The theory of Human Ecology, was developed by Uri Bronfenbrenner in the late 1970s, it describes the environments that influence human development.  This theory provides a framework to understand how the different context of a child's life interact and influence one another.

These systems include:

  • Micro Layer
  • Mesa Layer
  • Macro Layer

Our Layered Approach to Holistic Services:

CGC recognizes the importance of developing multi-faceted support to affect the community at large. We developed services to impact the three major layers of the ecological system. Our programs are organized into Micro, Meso, and Macro layers. The Micro Layer involves individual therapeutic services that are conducted within the arenas of the child's daily life.  The Meso Layer includes consultation services that will support the organizations and groups that children and families interact with outside of the family unit. The Macro Layer includes CGC's ambitious and enriching community center vision that is in development. 

By engaging the community at the Micro (individual), Mesa (group), and Macro (community) Layer, CGC provides a holistic, multi-tiered approach to providing high quality focused-ABA services.